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Inbound Calls For Your Business.

Skilled Trades

As a business owner, you and your technicians are out in the field supporting customers and solving problems. Our app allows you to remain in the neighborhood long after the job is done. Reiscout generates inbound phone calls through our marketing system by keeping track of where your business has worked and advertising your services to the neighbors of your current customers.

Big Data Analytics

Our system uses big data to identify information about the neighborhoods that you are working in. Customer data like property ownership, social media profiles, email addresses, purchase date, approximate property value etc... Each of these data points help us to determine who will be a good prospect for your business, Your job is to provide superior customer service. Our job is to make your phone ring.

Recurring Revenue

Reiscout helps you to keep track of the work you have done. Our system keeps track of your jobs which allows us to periodically market your services to your customers. With Reiscout generate monthly services, maintenance agreements, and follow on work without lifting a finger. People buy from companies that have helped their friends and neighbors. Reiscout can help to accelerate word of mouth for your business.

About Us

We are a marketing company based in Atlanta, GA serving clients within the residential real estate services market. Our mission is to dramatically expand the client base for our customers. We use big data algorithms to use your current customers to find new customers. Instead of searching for business we are enabling our clients do what they do best; serve their customers. This business began because our company's founder was having trouble generating leads for his real estate investing business. With the technology he and the Reiscout team developed he began to receive more leads than he could handle. This fact "lead" to the founding of Reiscout to expand this lead generation to other types of businesses that provide services to residential real estate property owners. That is why we are still called Real Estate Information Scout.

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950 Eagles Landing Pkwy, Suite 670 Stockbridge, GA 30281
+1 404-513-7957