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Driving for Dollars is a fantastic way to find off market properties for enterprising real estate investors. Our app will help you to organize your real estate prospecting by eliminating the need for paper maps and notepads. We provide driving routes to cover a block a neighborhood or an entire city. Keep track of the areas where you have already driven and automatically pull prospective addresses via GPS. If you'd like to try out the app please fill out the count me in form on the right --->>>




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Bird Dogs

Here are at REIscout we are changing the name and changing the game. We are looking for Real Estate Investment Scouts to build their own business.


Doing real estate deals isn’t the problem for the professional wholesalers. Sourcing deals is. We have an army of scouts driving for dollars to identify properties that no one is marketing to.


You are looking to buy fix flip or rent properties. Our site allows you to interact with investment scouts and wholesalers that can help you to find the properties that fit your criteria.

About Us

We are a small company based in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to help real estate investors and property owners fill the gap left by traditional listing services. We have found there are thousands of unlisted houses sitting empty providing value to no one. We decided to build a marketplace to identify these properties in order to provide a win win situation. The owner wins because he or she can sell an asset that was not providing any return or even worse one that was costing money. The real estate investment scout wins by identifying this property and placing the lead information on the marketplace to be purchased by investors looking for a great deal on a property. The investor wins by getting information about a property that can turn into a great deal for him or her. Finally the community wins by the property transitioning from a vacant unused property to one that has someone to love and care for it which improves neighborhood home values.

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